Curtains, Blinds, Pelmets

Whether you are a fan of curtains or blinds, or perhaps prefer to combine both, the most important elements of either are their quality and their fit. To get the perfect fit, the best option is to seek out made to measure and hand made products that can be fitted exactly to your specifications, room and style.

Our handmade service means that not only can you pick the perfect material for your décor but also have the exact fit and style that you require. Made to measure roller blinds are also available which will compliment any room just as well if that is what you're after!

In addition to the curtains and blinds themselves, we also offer the same levels of service for pelmets, a popular choice to finish the look of the window. Pelmets are ideal for hiding curtain tracks or blind fixtures and give the window a complete dressed look.

Soft furnishings can also be matched to the curtains or blinds as required as we don’t deal just with window features. This means if you want a coordination between windows and furniture, this can easily be achieved.

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